What do Guinea Pigs Drink?

By | August 14, 2019

Normally, we all know that human beings and all animals are walking and crawling in search of the water where this is a vital fluid that is used in all the processes of vital activities. In which the guinea pigs need water to breathe, to digest food and to keep their internal organs functioning etc. The water fluid is used for protecting all the organs, lubricating the joints and for regulating the body temperature. Moreover the fluid is essential and vital important for the guinea pigs that helps their body to get rid of any waste. In order to say needless all the water consumed by the guinea pigs is used by the organism just for supporting it to survive well and to make its body function well.

Where this is the reason when there is a lack of water content in your body then it leads to lots of health issues and problems and if you like to your guinea pig pet to lead a healthy life then it is your duty to make sure that the guinea pig has sufficient water and also you need to ensure that your pet consumes enough water daily.

Guinea pigs need water?

What do Guinea Pigs Drink?

In pet shop market there number of water bottles and equipments are available at different varieties of sizes and features where each bottles has its own benefits so it is your responsibility to choose the best guinea pig water bottle for your pet animal.

Apart from this, most of the people has a doubt that what kinds of the drinks does the guinea pig drinks and the answer to this is that there is one simple rule when it comes to providing the necessary fluid to your pet. In which you can also provide the tap water to your pet in which there is no wrong in that, if your tap water is not good enough then the taste of the water will be strange and it contains lot of unhealthy elements with it. When you give this unhealthy contaminated water to your guinea pig pet animal then its health get affected so, it is very much better to provide a best guinea pig water bottle, so that you can protect your pet pig’s health.

How much water do the guinea pigs need?

What do Guinea Pigs Drink?

The guinea pigs need about 100ml of the fresh water daily but this does not mean that your guinea pig pet is going to drink it all in one go, in fact this is practically impossible one for it to predict when your guinea pig pet will be thirsty. Where this is exactly true one and for this reason the experts gave advice to provide a constant  water supply to the guinea pig pet in 24/7 time period.

  • If you guinea pig consumes less water or more that it does not mean that somewhat is issues with its health. This small pet fellow would drink less than 100ml of water simply where this is because it gets the enough of fluid from his diet.
  • You can also provide different fruits and vegetables to your guinea pig pet where this might help the pet to reach the daily norms and its health will be of good.
  • In case if your guinea pig drinks more water, in which you don’t need to get panic because during hot months all living creatures tend to consume more water just to regulate the temperature of its body.


If your guinea pig is improving from the disease or incase if it pregnant then its need to get water on the everyday norm, with this you need to have an eye on how much your guinea pig is actually drinking on the daily basis. When your pet used to consume a small amount of water and then it suddenly starts drinking a lot then it leads to several kinds of health problems with the guinea pig pet.

If your pet does not get the enough minerals from the water or fluids then you can also add the vitamin C and other minerals into the water where this will help your pet to get good health. The vitamin C plays an important role in bone tissue, blood vessels and collagen production when there is a deficiency in the vitamin C then it may leads to the serious health problems.