How To Stop Gerbils Chewing Bars On Cage?

By | October 27, 2020

Gerbil’s teeth and jaws are really strong, and they are their defense mechanism. If you want your gerbil to stop chewing on the cage, you need to get more substrate for gerbil cages. If you put new bedding or more bedding in the cage, you can wait and watch your pet’s behavior.

You can easily buy the best cages for gerbils, but they will need a better and natural habitat to keep them happy and healthy. If your gerbil is chewing on the cage or scratching the glass, it is a definite sign of boredom. You can give your gerbil something to gnaw on or some toys to play with.

  • The best material that you can give to a gerbil is wood. It is a good option because wood is a good and reliable material. It is just solid enough, and it will not have any effect on your gerbil’s teeth.
  • You can get tiny wooden toys also from any pet shop. These wooden toys are not painted, so there is no issue with the paint getting in your gerbil’s system.
  • Trust what your pet’s vet has to say about this because some woods are poisonous, so buy the wood that is neither pine nor cedar.
  • You can get coffee stirrer sticks or Popsicle sticks and use them new for your gerbils.
  • You can also get a food mix for gerbils as they contain some raw nuts and seeds that are loved by gerbils.

Is it okay that my gerbil is biting cage bars?

If your gerbil is biting on the cage bars rarely, then he is just bored and in need of something to play. But his regular biting on the cage might seem cute, but he is not doing it out of boredom this time. If he continues, he can damage his skin, and it can also wound him badly.

Biting on the gerbil cages can also cause a misalignment in his teeth and cause further problems in eating or drinking something. So due to these issues that your gerbil can get from biting on the cage, you should buy some toys or wood to gnaw, and if still, he is not looking okay for you. You can take him to the vet.

It is a really important health problem, and fixing it as soon as possible is important. It is not like the gerbil can bite through the cages but keeping them away from it is the best thing you’d do for them.

If you want to know the best material for gerbils’ best cages, you should prefer the metal one. It is because they can’t bite through and escape out of the metal bars, but plastic bars don’t stand a chance in keeping your gerbils inside the cage.

The best cages for gerbils and their details

There are three primary choices when it comes to the best gerbil cages, and they are:

Glass terrariums

These are famous and best cages for gerbils. People are often the most recommended cages for gerbils because they are not easy to escape from, easy to clean, and, most importantly, inexpensive. There is no chance of escaping gerbils from this kind of cage, and you can also look at them from all angles and play with them. These are compact and are okay for any climate regions for your gerbils.

There is a wire made lid on the top of the terrarium so that there is better air circulation, and if you want to make a gerbil cage yourself, you can make such a cage easily by yourself without any helps, and it will also turn out to be the best thing.

Wire cages How To Stop Gerbils Chewing Bars On Cage

If you want your gerbil to stop gnawing out his way off the cage, then this is the best cage for gerbils. There are so many options and designs for this one. There is also a ramp in the cage that helps the gerbil play all he wants.

The space between the wires is ¼ inch because that helps in better air circulation, and your gerbil’s little teeth or feet can’t get harmed or caught in that gap. There are some cons to this type of cage. Due to maximum airflow, the substrate and other things will stay messy, and there will be debris all over the habitat of your gerbil.

If you are living in a place that has a humid climate, these cages are the best for you as there would be no foul odor in the cage-like there is in the glass cages. Wire cages promote airflow, and that doesn’t keep any odor inside and keeps the gerbil’s cage fresh and lovely.

Also, not forgetting about the portability, these cages can be taken with you while going on a vacation also.

Plastic cagesHow To Stop Gerbils Chewing Bars On Cage

Plastic cages are available in all plastic as well as wire-plastic combinations. Not a lot of people are fond of this type of enclosure because the gerbils can chew plastic, and they can escape by gnawing it really easily.

There are so many fun colors and styles in this type of cage, and children like these gerbils for their pets a lot. But if you ask an expert, they will never recommend this one as the first option for the best cage for gerbils.

Some of the styles that come under the plastic cages provide very little ventilation that can cause a smell, and also, there would be a need for cleaning. It makes you need to keep an eye on them all the time, or you wouldn’t know when they got out of their enclosures. But if you really want this one, you can buy and make it their play enclosure or for vacations.

The bottom line

It is all up to you to find the best cage for gerbils according to your preferences. You can ask for recommendations, or you can go with whatever choice. But always keep in mind that gerbils like to be social and want a proper space to play and stay happy.