How to Choose Dog Food Well?

Dog food is divided into two main categories: dry food and fresh food. Fresh food is often perishable, sometimes it takes effort to process dry food with convenience, affordable price, which is more and more trusted to choose for your puppy. It is convenient, nutritious, diverse in color, flavor, dry food is indispensable dish for pet owners. If you have not “shaped” what dry food is, why choose dry dog ​​food and what to pay attention to, please refer to the article below, our guidelines will help you. it’s you!

What is dry food?

Dried foods are processed products. Specifically, dry food is a mixture of ingredients such as cereals, meat and meat by-products, fat, minerals and vitamins, etc. which manufacturers calculate the nutritional content balance for each type of animal. Different scenes and different ages. Therefore, you can be assured that the nutrition in the food will still ensure the health of your dog.

Which food is best for dogs, dry or fresh?

Fresh foods include everyday foods such as fish meat, vegetables, etc. and a very important ingredient, in the experience of many dog ​​owners, is the bone. However, according to pet studies, giving pet bones at an early age has a high risk of perforation, peritonitis, and intestinal effects. And one very important thing, bones don’t have as much nutritional value as many people think.

Dry food will limit the intestinal diseases that food usually causes such as worms, tapeworms. In addition, dry food also helps your dog’s poop to be dry, not stinking as well as clearly shaped, more convenient for cleaning and cleaning. Feeding dry food is also very convenient, clean and time-saving.

The most important thing is that dry food is a product that has been carefully calculated by the nutrition experts, balancing the amount of necessary substances, so you can also be assured of puppy nutrition.

Therefore, it can be asserted that good dry food is more nutritious, more convenient and better than dry food. In fact, most dog-raising families in European and American countries use dry food, only occasionally using fresh food to change their taste.

Select dry foods by age

How to Choose Dog Food Well?

Each dog of different ages needs to be provided with a suitable food to ensure all the necessary nutrients for the body.

Food for puppies and missed dogs

For puppies aged 3 to 12 months: higher protein and lipid are required because this period is the period when the dog develops most nutrients to be healthy. This is the most important stage in a puppy’s life, which will determine his future development and health.

If you want your puppy to develop most comprehensively, this is the stage for you to do that. At this stage, dogs need a lot of energy as well as nutrients to meet the needs of activities and rapid growth day by day. You should then give your puppy soft dry grain food to be easily digested and have enough nutrients

Adult dog food

The puppy stage is 12 months or older: it does not require the strict diet like the period from 3 to 12 months of age but still needs to be provided with enough energy and nutrients to maintain operation.

Food for pregnant and postnatal mothers

Pregnancy and postpartum period: the period when a dog needs a lot of calcium and nutrients. Nutrition needs of the mother dog will increase to produce infant milk so the dog menu needs more protein, calcium and fat …

Note when using dry food for dogs

Although dry food has a lot of essential nutrients, it is a “dry” food. You should be careful to provide enough water for the dog to avoid being constipated, difficult to go outside. You can feed your dog regularly or mix a little water with dry food before feeding him to avoid this problem.