Cats With Dehydration May Have Huge Health Problems

By | January 12, 2019

Cats need water each day. In the past, cats could go days without water. Their ancestors would hunt in the hottest areas of the world. But, most cats today live in cities or houses. Their bodies have adapted to having a more water and dependent environment. The dry cat food that you give a cat has a very small amount of water, which is about 10% according to vets. Cats who eat this food must have continual water amount. Dehydration symptoms might occur to a cat who does not want to drink enough. Here is more info on those symptoms below.

Symptoms of Dehydrated Cats

Cats With Dehydration May Have Huge Health Problems

Seeing the problems in your cat’s behavior is easy. Your vet might tell you if you take your cat to your local pet store, but if your tight on a budget then I insist you check at home. Take a look at the cat. Does it move funny? Do the water bowls look empty? Check the cat things and the water bottles for cats to see if things are ok. If everything looks good, then everything is good. If everything looks bad however, you have a problem and your cat needs your attention before it gets worst. By it I mean unexpected health problems start showing up in your cat.

The water bottles for cats you buy must have something in the to encourage cats who do not drink enough water. I know you do not want think its a big deal for your cat to drink little amounts of water. But, a little problem can turn into a big one very fast if your cat drinks little water. You got to encourage your cat to drink more water at all cost or be forced to pay for unexpected health problems. Mix some tuna juice with the water bottles for cats. It will encourage them to drink more without them realizing it. Put more then one cat water bowl around the house. Your cat will be encourage to drink more water if they see it everywhere. Feed your cat wet cat food to help them drink the liquid produced from cat food. Whatever you do for your cat, do it to make your cat drink more water.

Fatty Liver Disease

Cats With Dehydration May Have Huge Health Problems

A cat’s liver can get damaged by dehydration. Normally, it doesn’t happen. But in the case of cat not drinking normal water amounts, the cat’s liver can dry up and shut down. Its not very likely if the cat eats food. But, if the cat is not drinking much water, then its probably not eating much food. The cat will have liver problems soon and you will have to pay the health bill. The only way to prevent this from happening is too make sure your cat gets the right amount of food and water. This problem is an easy fix in the beginning stages. Let the dehydration in your cat get too far out and you will see something unfortunate.

Feline Hyperthyroid Disease

Your cat might be experiencing Feline Hyperthyroid Disease due to dehydration, when you see it vomiting all over the living room. Your cat has this problem due to not drinking enough water. This is a big symptom and you will notice it right away. If you see your cat doing vomits or pooping everywhere, you should take it to the pet store to get checked. Maybe you can give your cat some medicine at home to save money. But, this symptom indicates that your cat might be in too much pain to take in more water. Your cat could also need tubed food for a few weeks. Its not guarantee the problems will be this bad with this symptom, but you should take it to the pet hospital immediately.

Heart Stroke

You probably didn’t think cats could get a heart stroke from not drinking water, but your assumption is incorrect. Cats can get heart attacks from not drinking water. Water does things for cats that cats really need. It moves their body fluids and make sure the cat is functioning in the joints. Plus, cats tend do a lot of jumping too, and they need water to relax their muscles for jump movements and help with repairing. Failure to get a cat the right amount of water, will lead to heart attacks and bone fracture problems. Its not something you want to see. Make sure your cat gets the right amount of water each day.