The Animal Reproduction Company has been established to provide beef and dairy producers with access to new reproductive technologies based on in vitro embryo production technology.  We are the first commercial company to offer Speed Breeding (IVF in juveniles) in Australia and are one of only 2 commercial companies in the world currently offering this service.  We have 10 years IVF experience and we have successfully produced over 1000 IVF calves on the ground in Australia.

In vitro technology in which oocytes or eggs are processed through to transferable embryos in the laboratory opens new opportunities for producing many offspring from your elite females.

The opportunities fall into two categories:-

The in vitro production of offspring from:

  • Juveniles
  • Infertile or elite adult cows


IVF opens new doors for animal breeders.

  • Elite donors can produce very large numbers of offspring in a very short period of time.  One elite donor could produce 30 – 50 offspring each year.
  • A calf could produce 40 pregnancies by the time it is 1 year old.
  • An infertile donor can still produce up to 30 pregnancies in a year.

Use of IVF technologies can provide faster rates of genetic gain than traditional breeding technologies including ET.