How to Choose Dog Food Well?

Dog food is divided into two main categories: dry food and fresh food. Fresh food is often perishable, sometimes it takes effort to process dry food with convenience, affordable price, which is more and more trusted to choose for your puppy. It is convenient, nutritious, diverse in color, flavor, dry food is indispensable dish for pet owners. If you have not “shaped” what dry food is, why choose dry dog ​​food and what to pay attention to, please refer to the article below, our guidelines will help you. it’s you!

What is dry food?

Dried foods are processed products. Specifically, dry food is a mixture of ingredients such as cereals, meat and meat by-products, fat, minerals and vitamins, etc. which manufacturers calculate the nutritional content balance for each type of animal. Different scenes and different ages. Therefore, you can be assured that the nutrition in the food will still ensure the health of your dog.

Which food is best for dogs, dry or fresh?

Fresh foods include everyday foods such as fish meat, vegetables, etc. and a very important ingredient, in the experience of many dog ​​owners, is the bone. However, according to pet studies, giving pet bones at an early age has a high risk of perforation, peritonitis, and intestinal effects. And one very important thing, bones don’t have as much nutritional value as many people think.

Dry food will limit the intestinal diseases that food usually causes such as worms, tapeworms. In addition, dry food also helps your dog’s poop to be dry, not stinking as well as clearly shaped, more convenient for cleaning and cleaning. Feeding dry food is also very convenient, clean and time-saving.

The most important thing is that dry food is a product that has been carefully calculated by the nutrition experts, balancing the amount of necessary substances, so you can also be assured of puppy nutrition.

Therefore, it can be asserted that good dry food is more nutritious, more convenient and better than dry food. In fact, most dog-raising families in European and American countries use dry food, only occasionally using fresh food to change their taste.

Select dry foods by age

How to Choose Dog Food Well?

Each dog of different ages needs to be provided with a suitable food to ensure all the necessary nutrients for the body.

Food for puppies and missed dogs

For puppies aged 3 to 12 months: higher protein and lipid are required because this period is the period when the dog develops most nutrients to be healthy. This is the most important stage in a puppy’s life, which will determine his future development and health.

If you want your puppy to develop most comprehensively, this is the stage for you to do that. At this stage, dogs need a lot of energy as well as nutrients to meet the needs of activities and rapid growth day by day. You should then give your puppy soft dry grain food to be easily digested and have enough nutrients

Adult dog food

The puppy stage is 12 months or older: it does not require the strict diet like the period from 3 to 12 months of age but still needs to be provided with enough energy and nutrients to maintain operation.

Food for pregnant and postnatal mothers

Pregnancy and postpartum period: the period when a dog needs a lot of calcium and nutrients. Nutrition needs of the mother dog will increase to produce infant milk so the dog menu needs more protein, calcium and fat …

Note when using dry food for dogs

Although dry food has a lot of essential nutrients, it is a “dry” food, so you should be careful to provide enough water for the dog to avoid being constipated, difficult to go outside. You can feed your dog regularly or mix a little water with dry food before feeding him to avoid this problem.

How to Make Dwarf Hamster Toys?

How to Make Dwarf Hamster Toys?

Definitely, the toys are vital part of any dwarf hamster’s life. They are not only fun for hamsters, but always exciting for anyone who watches them to play with the toys. Actually, there are many numbers of toys available at the pet store, but you do not always have to purchase them. The best thing about hamster toy is very reasonable and also simple to take care of. Now, the dwarf hamsters are available in only few colours, so you have to choose the one that your family will adore. Once you obtain a new pet, you also want a cage, supplies and some accessories. You should place the cage away from the direct drafts and sun lights. In order to enjoy your best pet, you can simply put a cage in the place, where you can view it in a whole time.

Actually, the dwarf hamsters are very active. In order to fulfil their requirement to play, you want to cover the bottom of a cage with paper towels, wood shavings or tissues. In addition to, you will want to buy a tiny wheel that will best match the size of your small pet. Of course, this is perfect; because the hamsters surely love to run and play. They can also run many miles by using their wheel alone. Also, you cannot even beat that stamina. Apart from all these, you do not forget to purchase some dwarf hamsters toys and then satisfy your pet needs. If you know exactly how to care for your dwarf masters, they can surely live a happy and a long life. Therefore, caring for your pets can convey you many more pleasant times.

Choose the best supplies for making dwarf hamster

How to Make Dwarf Hamster Toys?

Owning a dwarf hamster is not unique from having any other kind of pet, but still, they want the greatest kinds of supplies to be able to live more happily in your house. One of the most essential supplies in respect to search after a dwarf hamster is in getting a right cage. These dwarf hamsters can adapt to several various kinds of cages. Another most essential thing to remember is to ensure that they will have more space to run and play on in it. Also, it is important to consider the size of a cage, if couple of hamsters are buying at the same time. The best supplies for dwarf hamster are chew toys that play an ultimate role in the dwarf hamster world.

In general, the hamsters are more active creatures and you want to give them with a roomy home. First of all, you will want to place a blanket material or substrate, where they can warren. Usually, the hamsters have warren instincts and also placing the wood shavings on cage’s floor can fulfil their requirements. However, the dwarf hamsters always love to run and play, if you locate the wheels inside and also you will notice how pleasant they are while running. In order to give the fresh water for dwarf hamsters, you will want a plastic bottle. To ensure the cleanliness, you should change the water daily.

Make a happy and healthy pet with dwarf hamster toys

How to Make Dwarf Hamster Toys?

If you are much interested in assuring a happy and healthy life for your pet, you can choose the best hamster toy and care for your hamster in a right way. When you are selecting a hamster toy, there are lots of choices available. One of the most common dwarf hamster toys that you are going to identify is plastic ball that enables the hamster to get around without even getting treaded on or getting misplaced. Absolutely, you need to make sure that any hamster in a ball toy you purchased as safely as possible.

When it comes to purchasing the best dwarf master, the exercise wheel is a most pleasing choice. Having a hamster wheel toy can also help your hamster in running for a mile daily and you will possibly be wondered by how frequent your dwarf will utilize it. Therefore, having a dwarf hamster in your home is good that not only sociable and friendly, but also very simple to be taken care of. Let’s make a vigorous dwarf that will entertain your family for an extensive time.

What do Guinea Pigs Drink?

Normally, we all know that human beings and all animals are walking and crawling in search of the water where this is a vital fluid that is used in all the processes of vital activities. In which the guinea pigs need water to breathe, to digest food and to keep their internal organs functioning etc. The water fluid is used for protecting all the organs, lubricating the joints and for regulating the body temperature; moreover the fluid is essential and vital important for the guinea pigs that helps their body to get rid of any waste. In order to say needless all the water consumed by the guinea pigs is used by the organism just for supporting it to survive well and to make its body function well.

Where this is the reason when there is a lack of water content in your body then it leads to lots of health issues and problems and if you like to your guinea pig pet to lead a healthy life then it is your duty to make sure that the guinea pig has sufficient water and also you need to ensure that your pet consumes enough water daily.

Guinea pigs need water?

What do Guinea Pigs Drink?

In pet shop market there number of water bottles and equipments are available at different varieties of sizes and features where each bottles has its own benefits so it is your responsibility to choose the best guinea pig water bottle for your pet animal.

Apart from this, most of the people has a doubt that what kinds of the drinks does the guinea pig drinks and the answer to this is that there is one simple rule when it comes to providing the necessary fluid to your pet. In which you can also provide the tap water to your pet in which there is no wrong in that, if your tap water is not good enough then the taste of the water will be strange and it contains lot of unhealthy elements with it. When you give this unhealthy contaminated water to your guinea pig pet animal then its health get affected so, it is very much better to provide a best guinea pig water bottle, so that you can protect your pet pig’s health.

How much water do the guinea pigs need?

What do Guinea Pigs Drink?

The guinea pigs need about 100ml of the fresh water daily but this does not mean that your guinea pig pet is going to drink it all in one go, in fact this is practically impossible one for it to predict when your guinea pig pet will be thirsty. Where this is exactly true one and for this reason the experts gave advice to provide a constant  water supply to the guinea pig pet in 24/7 time period.

  • If you guinea pig consumes less water or more that it does not mean that somewhat is issues with its health. This small pet fellow would drink less than 100ml of water simply where this is because it gets the enough of fluid from his diet.
  • You can also provide different fruits and vegetables to your guinea pig pet where this might help the pet to reach the daily norms and its health will be of good.
  • In case if your guinea pig drinks more water, in which you don’t need to get panic because during hot months all living creatures tend to consume more water just to regulate the temperature of its body.


If your guinea pig is improving from the disease or incase if it pregnant then its need to get water on the everyday norm, with this you need to have an eye on how much your guinea pig is actually drinking on the daily basis. When your pet used to consume a small amount of water and then it suddenly starts drinking a lot then it leads to several kinds of health problems with the guinea pig pet. If your pet does not get the enough minerals from the water or fluids then you can also add the vitamin C and other minerals into the water where this will help your pet to get good health. The vitamin C plays an important role in bone tissue, blood vessels and collagen production when there is a deficiency in the vitamin C then it may leads to the serious health problems.

Cats With Dehydration May Have Huge Health Problems

Cats need water each day. In the past, cats could go days without water. Their ancestors would hunt in the hottest areas of the world. But, most cats today live in cities or houses. Their bodies have adapted to having a more water and dependent environment. The dry cat food that you give a cat has a very small amount of water, which is about 10% according to vets. Cats who eat this food must have continual water amount. Dehydration symptoms might occur to a cat who does not want to drink enough. Here is more info on those symptoms below.

Symptoms of Dehydrated Cats

Cats With Dehydration May Have Huge Health Problems

Seeing the problems in your cat’s behavior is easy. Your vet might tell you if you take your cat to your local pet store, but if your tight on a budget then I insist you check at home. Take a look at the cat. Does it move funny? Do the water bowls look empty? Check the cat things and the water bottles for cats to see if things are ok. If everything looks good, then everything is good. If everything looks bad however, you have a problem and your cat needs your attention before it gets worst. By it I mean unexpected health problems start showing up in your cat.

The water bottles for cats you buy must have something in the to encourage cats who do not drink enough water. I know you do not want think its a big deal for your cat to drink little amounts of water. But, a little problem can turn into a big one very fast if your cat drinks little water. You got to encourage your cat to drink more water at all cost or be forced to pay for unexpected health problems. Mix some tuna juice with the water bottles for cats. It will encourage them to drink more without them realizing it. Put more then one cat water bowl around the house. Your cat will be encourage to drink more water if they see it everywhere. Feed your cat wet cat food to help them drink the liquid produced from cat food. Whatever you do for your cat, do it to make your cat drink more water.

Fatty Liver Disease

Cats With Dehydration May Have Huge Health Problems

A cat’s liver can get damaged by dehydration. Normally, it doesn’t happen. But in the case of cat not drinking normal water amounts, the cat’s liver can dry up and shut down. Its not very likely if the cat eats food. But, if the cat is not drinking much water, then its probably not eating much food. The cat will have liver problems soon and you will have to pay the health bill. The only way to prevent this from happening is too make sure your cat gets the right amount of food and water. This problem is an easy fix in the beginning stages. Let the dehydration in your cat get too far out and you will see something unfortunate.

Feline Hyperthyroid Disease

Your cat might be experiencing Feline Hyperthyroid Disease due to dehydration, when you see it vomiting all over the living room. Your cat has this problem due to not drinking enough water. This is a big symptom and you will notice it right away. If you see your cat doing vomits or pooping everywhere, you should take it to the pet store to get checked. Maybe you can give your cat some medicine at home to save money. But, this symptom indicates that your cat might be in too much pain to take in more water. Your cat could also need tubed food for a few weeks. Its not guarantee the problems will be this bad with this symptom, but you should take it to the pet hospital immediately.

Heart Stroke

You probably didn’t think cats could get a heart stroke from not drinking water, but your assumption is incorrect. Cats can get heart attacks from not drinking water. Water does things for cats that cats really need. It moves their body fluids and make sure the cat is functioning in the joints. Plus, cats tend do a lot of jumping too, and they need water to relax their muscles for jump movements and help with repairing. Failure to get a cat the right amount of water, will lead to heart attacks and bone fracture problems. Its not something you want to see. Make sure your cat gets the right amount of water each day.